In honor of another nail in Flash’s coffin: My 2010 video, “HTML and RIAs: Friends with Benefits”

flash to animate

In honor of Adobe’s changing of Flash Professional to Animate and their not-as-subtle-as-they’d-like announcement that yes, even they have to admit that Flash is going away, here’s a video a made back in 2010, — when I was still a Microsoft — about HTML5, RIAs, and when to choose between them.

It was just five summers ago, but it was a different time: the first-gen iPad and iPhone 4 had just been released, Android was just emerging from being awful to not-too-bad with version 2.2, a.k.a. “Froyo”, and Windows Phone 7 was still in beta. If I were to make the video today, I’d change its take-away message to “Sometime is now. Ditch the RIAs.

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