College Humor’s funny take on the iPhone 7: “Jony giveth, and Jony can taketh away.”


That was quick: A mere day after the iPhone 7 announcement in which the much-rumored removal of the 1/8″ analog headphone jack turned out to be true, the wags at College Humor produced a pitch-perfect iPhone parody ad featuring a pretty good impression of a Jony Ive voice-over:

I laughed out loud at the part where they showed Jony Ive’s iCalendar, which has a couple of amusing scheduled items:


Click to see at full “al-yoo-minny-yum” size.

Hey, I still love my iPhone (and don’t forget, I run an iOS developer meetup), but if you must vent at me for blaspheming by posting this article, there is a comments selection below…

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