Tampa iOS Meetup, Tuesday, Sept. 27: Making sticker packs and apps for iOS 10’s Messages app!


Join us on Tuesday, September 27th for Tampa iOS Meetup, where we’ll cover making sticker packs and apps for iOS 10’s overhauled iMessage app!

With the newly-released iOS 10, the iMessage app will introduce a boatload of new features, including the ability for users to really customize their messages with:

  • Stickers: static and animated pictures that you can include in messages, and
  • Apps: extensions to iMessage that let you use it to customize messages, send payments, play games and more!

One really interesting thing about iMessage sticker packs is that you don’t do any coding to create them! If you’ve got art skills but no coding skills, stickers are your chance to put something in the App Store.

For those of you with coding skills, you’ll find iMessage apps interesting — they’re apps that live within iMessage and extend its capabilities! You can build apps that use iMessage as a platform so that friends can play games, send customized messages, make payments, and more! We’ll show you how to get started writing iMessage apps.

When and where


Come join us at the Tampa iOS Meetup on Tuesday, September 27th at 6:30 p.m. and learn about making stickers and apps for iMessage, which promises to be a great new way to break into the iOS market.

You don’t even need coding skills to get something from this meetup. To make sticker packs, all you need is a Mac, Apple’s free Xcode software and a developer account (we’ll show you how to get these), and a little creativity. If you’re new to Swift but have some programming experience in just about any language, whether it’s Java, JavaScript, C#, Python, Ruby, or any other object-oriented programming language, you shouldn’t have any trouble following the iMessage apps presentation. We’ll make all of our presentation materials, and project files available at the end of the meetup so you won’t leave empty-handed!


Please note that this session of the Tampa iOS Meetup will take place at a new location: the Wolters Kluwer offices at 1410 North Westshore Boulevard (Tampa).

We’d like to thank Jamie Johnson for letting us use his office, Energy Sense Finance for the past year. We couldn’t have done it without you!

What you’ll need


You don’t actually need to bring anything to the meetup, but you can get even more out of it if you bring a Mac with Xcode installed (you can download it for free from Apple).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at