Tales from my job search: The job search so far

Click the graph to see it at full size.

The job search continues, and as you might expect, it’s had its ups and downs. I drew the graph above, inspired by the graph below, which has been making the rounds on LinkedIn and depicts the ever-changing mood entrepreneur:

I choose to view it as part of the adventure, and if you’re in the same boat as I am, I hope you see it the same way.

What I’ve been up to in the absence of work

Last week, I participated as a “trained brain” at a workshop at the Dali Museum’s Innovation Labs to help an area business come up with new ideas…

Upgraded the RAM on my ThinkPad to elevate it from TPS Report-writing tool to half-decent developer and multimedia machine:

Prepared my upcoming presentations for Google Developer Group Sun Coast (Android and Augmented Reality) and Tampa iOS Meetup (Learn how to write Flappy Bird):

Discovered that my LinkedIn Social Selling Index score had gone up by a couple of points:

Answered some Stack Overflow questions, updated my Stack Overflow Developer Story, and discovered that my reputation score puts me in the top 4%:

and puts me in Stack Overflow’s top 10% for Python and top 5% for Ruby:

I’ve also been working away on apps and articles, and of course, looking for work:

Want to know more about me?

I’m looking for my next great job! If you’re looking for someone with desktop, web, mobile, and IoT development skills who can also communicate to technical and non-technical audiences, or a marketer or evangelist who also has a technology background and can code, you should talk to me.

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Beautiful summary Joey. I’m reading Andy Grove’s High Output Management (great book) and I’m also starting to measure various job search metrics. What gets measured gets managed. Your graphical approach works.

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