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Worth watching: Videos on programming paradigms and object-oriented vs. functional programming

Watching programmers debate can sometimes be like watching a monkey knife fight.

Even in this day and age, when programming languages freely mix object-oriented and functional features, there are still arguments over which approach is “better”, or at least which one should be used in a given situation. Here are some videos that cover these paradigms; they might event give you some insight on how you can use them in your day-to-day coding.

4 Programming Paradigms In 40 Minutes – Aja Hammerly

Here’s a nice overview of four programming paradigms: object-oriented, functional, procedural, and logical, including the strengths of each. Start with this one.

Why Isn’t Functional Programming the Norm? – Richard Feldman

Functional programming is actually the earliest programming paradigm, but it’s not the primary paradigm of any of the top ten programming languages that programmers are using in 2019.

Object-Oriented Programming is Embarrassing: 4 Short Examples — Brian Will

In this video, Brian Will — an OO skeptic — takes four examples of “proper” object-oriented code and rewrites them using a procedural approach, resulting in what he considers to be “better” code. He’s not a big fan of the philosophy where data and code grouped together — he says “Let data just be data; let actions just be actions.” I leave it to the viewer to make their own call as to whether he’s right or wrong. (Hey, I figured I should throw in at least one curmudgeon into the list!)

FP vs. OO: Choose Two — Brian Goetz

When it comes to FP vs. OO, I’m of the “Why not both?” school of thought, and so in Brian Goetz.

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