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Pulling my old “Frogger / Crossy Road”-style game out of mothballs

Screenshot from the game. Tap to see it at full size.

Pictured above is Dale Mabry, a “cross the road”-style videogame in the style of Frogger, or its later cousin, Crossy Road. It gets its name from Dale Mabry Highway, a busy north-south six-lane “stroad” in Tampa. I wrote it back in 2016 as part of learning iOS game programming in Swift and SpriteKit.

Here’s a sample of the gameplay:

I lifted the code for moving the player character from the book 2D Apple Games by Tutorials. It’s from the Zombie Conga game, pictured below:

I then wrote code to move the cars and handle the gameplay.

After getting the basic gameplay working, I got busy with other projects and forgot about the game for a couple of years. I recently pulled it out of mothballs just before Wednesday’s “Share Your Mobile App” with Others meetup, because organizer Edwin Torres asked attendees to show off any apps they’d worked on.

I wrote it back in 2016, when Swift was at version 3. It took me about a half hours’ worth of work to get it up and running in the current versions of Swift and SpriteKit, which was considerably less time than I thought it would take. I compiled it, put it on my iPad, and showed it to the group at the meetup.

Now that it’s out of mothballs, my plan is to polish it and put it in the App Store later this year. and it’s going to be one of my 20 Projects in 2020.

Want to see the code for the game? You can! It’s posted on my Github.


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