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Suncoast Developers Guild’s Fall 2020 Conference is THIS SATURDAY!

Suncoast Developers Conference this Saturday!

Hey, Tampa Bay! We’ve got another Suncoast Developers Conference happening this Saturday, and you can attend for FREE, from the comfort of your own computer or phone.

Once again, it’s this Saturday, it’s online, and it’s free-as-in-beer to attend. REGISTER HERE.

The conference will be made of bite-size (15 minutes or shorter!) presentations by Tampa Bay techies and demos of capstone projects by Suncoast Developers Guild alums.

I’ll be presenting on PyGame!

I’ll be doing a presentation in the afternoon, on the topic of…

PyGame! I try to keep my topics both technical and fun, and what’s more technical and fun than Python and game development?

There will be coding, and I’ll also provide source code and a free book.

What was the last Suncoast Developers Conference like?

The last conference took place in the summer, and was also free and online. You can watch the entire thing below…

…and if you want to jump to a specific presentation, use these links:

  1. 00:00:00 Reticulating Splines…
  2. 00:00:58 Welcome & Introductions
  3. 00:08:15 Jason L Perry: Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!
  4. 00:22:11 Robert Bieber: Will it Scale?
  5. 00:58:13 Kento Kawakami – Demo: Smash Bros Combo
  6. 01:28:30 Cody Banks & Abtahee Ali – Demo: Evolution X
  7. 01:54:54 Daniel Demerin – The Rubber Duck Pal Program
  8. 02:11:12 Colter Lena – Demo: Furry Friends
  9. 02:24:50 Trent Costa – Demo: Tailgate
  10. 02:41:54 Dylan Attal – Don’t Crash! CSS-Modules in React
  11. 02:59:42 Vincent Tang – How to start your own Coding Podcast 101
  12. 03:30:31 Michele Cynowicz – Pull Requests and the Developers Who Love Them
  13. 03:52:11 Abe Eveland – Demo: Rollerblade Buyers Guide
  14. 04:04:45 Liz Tiller – Post-Bootcamp Reflections
  15. 04:23:20 Joey deVilla – Ren’py
  16. 04:41:20 Michael Traverso – You Do Belong Here
  17. 05:01:46 Rob Mack – Demo: What’s for Dinner?
  18. 05:15:38 Kat Batuigas – A Taste Of Docs As Code

How do you register for the conference?

REGISTER HERE. Once again, it’s this Saturday, it’s online, and it’s free-as-in-beer to attend.

I’ll see you on Saturday!

One more thing: What is Suncoast Developers Guild?

Since opening their doors in the summer of 2018, Suncoast Developers Guild’s coding school has graduated over 100 students, and before that, they taught people to code in their previous incarnation as the Tampa Bay branch of The Iron Yard.

In another life, I was a developer evangelist who travelled across North America and I saw tech scenes from Palo Alto to Peoria. I can tell you that one of the signs of a healthy tech community in a small- to medium-sized city is a coding school that acts as a social/technical/gathering place. If your city had one, things were looking up for local techies. If not, it was a safe bet that the place was experiencing a brain drain.

Here in Tampa Bay, Suncoast Developers Guild fills that vital role, and it does so spectacularly. They’re a key part of the heart and soul of tech in the area, and it shows in their efforts, such as events like this.