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Putting iOS 15 beta on the “sacrificial iPhone 6S”

My iPhone 6S during the iOS 15 installation process.

One of the two phones that I’ve held onto for sentimental reasons is my rose gold iPhone 6S, which I’ve had since late 2016. I got it during my all-too-brief stint in the fashion industry (I’ll save the details for another time), I used it in writing an app at a hackathon that was so funny that they made up a new prize just for it, it survived being driven over (thanks to its Otterbox case), and it was my test platform for my first app in the App Store.

It turns out that iOS 15 supports the 6S, which makes my old “sacrificial phone” a suitable candidate for the new OS and trying out iPhone development with the Xcode beta, Swift 5.5, and the new SwiftUI.

I’ll keep you posted.

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