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“How to rock a technical interview”: Tonight at 6 p.m.!

With the post-pandemic “Great Resignation” (which is expected to happen soon if it isn’t happening already) comes a great number of job opportunities, especially in the tech sector. For many techies, it’s a chance to move to the next step in their career, and for people just getting into tech, it’s their moment to land their first job in the field. That means a tech job search, which in turn means tech job interviews.

Would you like to be ready to rock your next technical interview? If so, you’ll want to catch tonight’s online event, How to Rock a Technical Interview, hosted by Women Who Code Tampa. You can sign up for the event on its Meetup page, which will make the event link available to you.

Kasandra Perez

The event will be hosted by Kasandra Perez of Computer Coach, who’s worth getting to know if you want to get into tech and need to pick up some skills. She’ll walk you through the three core areas of the technical interview. namely:

  1. Coding skills,
  2. Problem-solving, and
  3. Personality.
Flow Davis

Providing extra insight into rocking the tech interview will be guest speaker Flow Davis, who’s a Tampa Bay techie with over 13 years of experience developing Digital Marketing Websites and applications for Agencies, Startups & Fortune 500 companies.

At the time of writing, almost 70 people have signed up for this session, which means there are almost 70 Tampa Bay techies who are going to learn tech interview tips, tricks, and techniques that you might not know. Sign up, catch the session, and don’t get left behind!