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Anitra Pavka on Agile Podcast!

Anitra Pavka headshot

Anitra Pavka is on episode 54 of Agile Podcast, Tampa Bay’s own podcast on all things agile, chatting with hosts Brian Orlando and Om Patel!

About the video

Here’s the description of the video…

On this episode, Brian Orlando and Om Patel talk with Sr. Product Owner Anitra Pavka about her experiences across the software development and agility field – from Web Developer, to Business Analyst, to Scrum Master and Agile Coach, to Product Owner/Manager and beyond. …and BEYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOND!

…and here’s the chapter list:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:22 Anitra’s Background
  • 3:57 Exploring Cultures
  • 6:48 Agility Enters the Picture
  • 11:58 Learning by Trying
  • 13:09 Creating Great Teams
  • 16:17 Resistance, Perfection, and Bad Actors
  • 19:56 Agile Aggravations
  • 23:09 Job Descriptions in Agile (they’re getting worse)
  • 26:25 Improving Agile
  • 29:02 Adding Perspectives to Agile
  • 33:46 Intentional Exclusion
  • 36:23 Changing Agile: Systems Thinking & Agility at the Top
  • 42:06 Being an Organizational Change Agent
  • 44:58 Advice
  • 49:25 Influences and Influencers
  • 54:55 Forming Trust and Teams
  • 58:45 Coaching Up (Coaching the Organization)
  • 1:03:33 What’s Next for Anitra
  • 1:04:13 Wrap-Up

About Anitra

Anitra Pavka

Anitra has been a regular on Tampa’s tech scene since 2011, and chances are that you’ve seen her at a local event — perhaps at one of our local agile or UX gatherings, or at the Coders, Creatives, and Craft Beer meetup, which she co-organizes. She’s a Senior Product Owner at Deque (pronounced “D-Q”) Systems, creators of the axe line of tools for measuring and monitoring the accessibility of your sites and applications.

You may often see me hanging around Anitra, but there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation: I’m married to her. We met at BarCamp Tampa Bay in 2011, which makes us the prime example of why you should attend tech events here — you never know what’ll happen!

About Agile Podcast

Agile Podcast is Tampa Bay’s own video podcast on all things agile. Host Brian Orlando — often with co-host Om Patel — are joined each episode by a professional in or around the agile space for unscripted conversations about getting work done in an agile way. In one year, they’ve put together almost 60 podcasts, and they’re worth checking out whether you manage or are in an agile team!