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StartupBus Florida has opportunities for you!

StartupBus Florida departs Tampa on Wednesday, July 27, and it’s not too late to get in on the opportunities it presents!

Opportunity : Get away from your day-to-day and go on an adventure!

Whether you go to an office, work from home, some combo of the previous two, or are looking for work, StartupBus Florida offers a chance to break away from your daily routine and spend a few unpredictable, exciting, and challenging days on the road building a startup and the application that supports it.

Opportunity : Try new tools or use familiar ones in completely new ways!

Have you been looking for an opportunity to try out a new tool, programming language, framework, API or service, but haven’t been able to because you’ve been bogged down with your day-to-day work? StartupBus Florida is your chance!


Have you been looking for an opportunity to stretch by taking a tool, programming language, framework, API or service that you’re quite familiar with, and using it in new ways or for new purposes? Again, StartupBus Florida is your chance!

Opportunity : See America!

The map below shows StartupBus Florida’s 2019 route from Tampa that year’s destination city, New Orleans:

Among other things, it provided us buspreneurs with a chance to see parts of the country that many of us normally don’t get to see and meet people that we normally wouldn’t get to meet.

This’s year’s destination city is Austin, Texas! Since it’s a different destination city, we’re going to take a different route, with different stops in different places with different people. But the opportunity to see different places and people will still be there.

Opportunity : Road trip to the delightfully weird city of Austin, Texas!

Austin is just plain fun. It’s a mishmash of alternative, Latino, Texan, and college cultures that combine to make it a great place to get great food and drink in a lively party atmosphere, catch some great live music, see some stunning sights, and meet some great people. It’s also where the semi-finals and finals will take place (remember, you’ll spend the Wednesday, July 27th through Friday, July 29th on the bus to Austin, followed by 2 days in Austin: the semi-finals on Saturday, July 30th and the finals on Sunday, July 31st).

Opportunity : Supercharge your resume!

As I wrote in a previous post, StartupBus looks good on a resume.

Every resume lists experience working in an office, whether in a traditional office space, a coworking space, or someone’s home. Only a select few list the experience of working on a bus to create a startup and its supporting application in an handful of days. This is the kind of experience that speaks to your skills, resilience, creativity, positivity, and ambition. A ride on StartupBus supercharged my resume, and it can supercharge yours, too!

Opportunity #6: Boost your company profile with a sponsorship!

StartupBus is a crazy idea — what person in their right mind would build a business and its supporting technology in three days on a bus?

But the truth is that technological advances start as “crazy ideas,” from the lever, to turning steam into mechanical motion, to powered flight and space travel, to turning a system for physicists to share notes over the internet into something completely different, to taking the power of a touchscreen computer and showing it into a phone.

StartupBus has also created a number of advances, from Instacart to the advances in careers for many of its participants (Yours Truly included), and it can also advance your company’s profile if you decide to be a sponsor. You too can be part of this crazy idea, and we’ll make sure that your praises are sung if you sponsor us!

(Want to be a StartupBus Florida sponsor and get praise from the entire StartupBus organization as well as Tampa Bay’s number one tech blog? Drop me a line and find out more.)

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