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I’m in a local news story on ChatGPT

Screenshot of Fox 13 News Tampa’s page featuring the story “How chatbot programs could change future as it becomes more widely used,” featuring a video still of Joey deVilla in his home office.

A few weeks ago, Kristin Moore from Fox 13 News Tampa reached out to me and asked if I’d like to be part of a story they were doing on ChatGPT. I said “yes,” they dropped by my home office to interview me, and you can see the result, which aired on Monday evening:

I appear in two segments of the piece, along with:

  • Local realtor Chris Logan, who’s been using ChatGPT to speed up the (presumably tedious) process of writing up descriptions of houses for sale
  • University of South Florida associate director of the School of Information Systems and Management Triparna de Vreede, who talked about its possible malicious uses and what might be possible when AI meets quantum computing.
  • IP lawyer Thomas Stanton, who talked about how AI could affect jobs.

Watching the segment, it occurred to me that I need to light my office the way that the news crew did for the segment — it’s got such a great “cinematic hacker” vibe!

Also: My thanks to Kristin Moore for inviting me to be part of the piece!

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