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Fox 13 News Tampa continues their series on artificial intelligence with Maya AI

Tampa’s Fox 13 News covered local company Maya AI on Tuesday evening, and you can watch the story on this page or below:

The video features Sat Ramphal, CEO and co-founder of Maya AI, a Tampa-based early-stage startup whose product is an analysis tool that derives insights from data and delivers those insights conversationally. Their target customers are businesses looking for suggestions and answers based on their company data, and they’ve already caught the attention of retail and pharmaceutical companies.

Sean, Sat, and Shivam Ramphal.
Maya AI’s co-founders, the Rampal brothers.
From left to right: Sean, Sat, and Shivam.

Sat co-founded Maya AI with his brothers Sean and Shivam when they pivoted from their previous venture, XiByte to focus on their business AI, Maya. In their summary of the differences between ChatGPT and Maya on the Maya AI blog, they close with this key distinction between the two systems:

ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI, specifically trained to generate human-like text based on its received input. It is capable of answering questions, providing information, generating content, and performing various other language-related tasks.

On the other hand, Maya AI is a more general AI platform that can be used for various applications and industries. It can perform various tasks, such as image and voice recognition, data analysis, and decision-making.In summary, while ChatGPT is a broader focus on language processing, Maya AI is a specifically focused AI platform with a wider range of capabilities and potential use cases.

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Screenshot of Fox 13 News Tampa’s page featuring the story “How chatbot programs could change future as it becomes more widely used,” featuring a video still of Joey deVilla in his home office.
Tap to view the blog post.

On the previous evening, Fox News 13 Tampa aired the first episode in this series, which featured Yours Truly at the home office, talking about ChatGPT.

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