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I’m speaking at Civo Navigate North America in Austin next week!

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In exactly one week, I’m going to giving my presentation, You’re Not Too Late to the AI Party at the Civo Navigate North America conference in Austin, Texas!

The talk, which is in a prime time slot — day one (Tuesday, February 20) just after the opening keynote (10:30 a.m.) — is for people who’ve been too busy with their actual work to get into AI and have been feeling increasing amounts of FOMO.

I’ve been spending my suddenly copious amounts of free time polishing this presentation and accompanying demos to a bright sheen. Here’s a sample from my current set of slides:

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In the talk, I’ll cover four reasons why it’s not too late to get into AI, as well as possible ways you can get started.

I’ll also talk about:

  • AI’s overnight success was 70 years in the making
  • Are you a centaur or a minotaur, and which one is better?
  • AI options if you can code, and options if you can’t
  • AI techbros and “chaos muppets,” and the effect they have on the industry
  • AI ethics and how badly we need it

This talk won’t be all hand-wavey and descriptions, but will also feature demos of actual working code that you can also download, including:

  • ELIZA, the original 1964 chatbot, but written in present-day Python.
  • A basic neural network demo that shows how you implement them — perhaps the one that recognizes handwritten numbers, perhaps something a little more interesting!
  • “Sweater or no?” — a large language model-powered application that tells you what to wear based on your location, the weather, and the event you’re attending.

Most importantly, the talk will be fun!

I’ll be in Austin for most of next week. If you can attend Civo Navigate, I’d love to see you there! I’ll also be free and out and about in Austin that Thursday (Feb 22) for most of the day — if you’d like to meet up, let me know!

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5 reasons to go to Civo Navigate – and how to do it for 50% off!

Civo Navigate is an in-person conference taking place on Tuesday, February 8 and Wednesday, February 9 in Tampa at Armature Works, and here are some reasons why you should attend…plus a way to attend for 50% off!

Reason 1: The organizers — Civo

I’m reviewing cloud hosting options for backends for my mobile apps as well as some web apps I plan to build, and Civo’s pricing chart makes them look like a pretty good option right now. This conference is a good option to find out more about Civo.

Reason 2: The sessions

Being a “cloud native” technology company, the topics covered in their schedule are interesting:

  • Kubernetes
  • Machine learning
  • Edge computing
  • Security
  • DevOps

Machine learning, edge computing, and security are definitely up my alley, and I really need to find out more about Kubernetes — usually, I just say “That’s DevOps’ problem,” but it’s a topic that I really should get to know better.

Reason 3: Woz!

Woz — or if you insist on his “government name,” Steve Wozniak — is the keynote speaker, scheduled for Tuesday, February 7th at 8:50 a.m.! It’s always a delight to see him speak.

Reason 4: The venue — Armature Works

Many conference sessions take place in a space like this…

…but Civo Navigate is happening at Armature Works, a brick warehouse that used to house streetcars but is now home to a fantastic food hall and event space. Their sessions spaces look more like this:

And when it comes to conference food, Civo Navigate can promise better than the usual. That’s because they provide meal vouchers that you can use in Armature Works’ Public Market, pictured below:

I’m going to hit Empamamas for lunch and Buddy Brew for coffee.

Reason 5: Showing up has its benefits

Half of success, the saying goes, is simply showing up. Events like Civo Navigate are not just where you might learn something new, but also where chance meetings and opportunities happen. Ask me sometime about the number of great things that have happened to me because I attended a conference.

And now, how to attend Civo Navigate for 50% off

The coupon code TAMPAMEETUP50 will get you 50% off the standard ticket price. There are a limited number of discounts that can be applied using this code, so if you want to go, register now!