ClearFit’s Looking for a Rails Developer

Clearfit [hearts] Rails, GitHub and Amazon Web Services

My friend Robert Nishimura’s looking for a Rails developer for his company, ClearFit, which is based in uptown Toronto. He sent me some details about the position he’s trying to fill; I’ve posted them below.

If you’ve got the skills and if the position sounds interesting to you, you should drop him a line at!

Company Information

ClearFit is changing the way small businesses hire. Most people know that ‘fit’ is the most desirable attribute for employees and employers — that intangible sense that can’t be found in a resume and is difficult to glean from a job interview. It’s a huge problem — employers spend billions every year on staffing in Canada alone.

Most small business owners don’t know where to even start when hiring a new employee. Ask around for referrals, “pay and pray” with a job board or deal with an avalanche of resumes from Craigslist? 

We have built the system that some describe as “an eHarmony for jobs”. We have over 2500 registered employers and tens of thousands of registered career seekers which barely scratches the surface of a multi-billion dollar market. All this and we just completed our first round of investment so we are poised for stellar growth.

We are located in the Yonge/Eglinton neighbourhood, strategically situated between 3 Starbucks and 3 minutes from Bulldog Coffee. We’re also upstairs from Copacabana Brazilian BBQ.

Skills & Requirements


  • Minimum 2 years experience coding in Ruby on Rails
  • Minimum 2 years experience with HTML/CSS
  • Experience with Javascript (Prototype, JQuery)
  • Experience with Postgres SQL
  • Experience with Ubuntu/Nginx
  • Experience with GitHub

Bonus points:

  • Experience with Amazon EC2
  • Experience integrating with other web apps
  • Photoshop and front-end web development skillz
  • iOS development experience

What ClearFit Offers

  • Salary between $80K and $100K based on experience
  • Snacks and drinks in our kitchen
  • Wicked awesome coffee from our new Nespresso machine
  • 15 days paid vacation per year
  • Full group benefit plan which includes vision, dental

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, contact Robert Nishimura directly at


Help Wanted: News Editor at GigaOm (San Francisco)

gigaomMathew Ingram’s been putting the word out that GigaOm – the technology blog started by Om Malik – is looking for a news editor. If you’ve got the knack for running a virtual newsroom and coordinating the activities of bloggers who are scattered all over the globe, this could be the job for you!

somaSOMA: Your work neighbourhood, should you get hired.

Here are the details, as they appear on their LinkedIn jobs page:

Job Description

SOMA/Financial District (San Francisco Bay Area)

GigaOm is looking to hire a News Editor to manage the edit flow for the team. This person will work on east coast time and will be the main assigning editor for hitting news stories. Working very closely with the Managing Editor, the NE needs to stay on top of everything happening in the (virtual) newsroom and focus everyone toward the same goals. It is a fast-paced, collaborative online newsroom, and the NE duties change every day but they include:

  • Manage the editorial team’s day to day work, including assignments based on current news, scheduling, editorial guidance, and final edit on stories before they go live;
  • Manage story budgets;
  • Maintain the balance of news and long feature pieces on the sites;
  • Work with editors to align and direct news and feature coverage across all channels, crossposting materials as much as possible;
  • Community management including tweeting and general interaction with the community, as well as approving comments on GOM;
  • Assign, review and edit guest columns for weekend and holiday content;
  • Coordinate event and breaking news coverage as the point;
  • Regularly review the online stats and work to shift focus to increase traffic;
  • Bring in and review new freelancers and story ideas.

This position is full-time with full health, dental & vision benefits, vacation and sick time, and a competitive salary. There is room in the SF office but someone working remotely on the East Coast could also successfully fill this position.

Everyone at GigaOM is busy doing their thing, so the hiring process for this position is being managed externally. Please submit your resume, cover letter and relevant clips or links to Emma Logan via LinkedIn or email (at) gmail (dot) com; direct applications to GigaOM may get lost in the shuffle.

Desired Skills & Experience

The ideal person will be/have:

  • Passionate about technology and the changing media landscape;
  • A head for news;
  • An engaged management style with experience handling a remote team environment;
  • Google Analytics or other stat evaluation software experience a must;
  • Hard-core organizational skills;
  • Relevant experience at a comparable online company;
  • Engaged, eager, optimistic, realistic, and flexible;
  • The ability to juggle, negotiate, charm, and let water roll off your back.