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Two Kotlin/data science articles from Yours Truly!

Kotlin developers who want to get into data science: these articles are for you! They’re about using Jupyter Notebook, but with Kotlin instead of Python. Why should Pythonistas make all the big bucks?

Read the articles, which appear on (the premier mobile development site, and it’s where I learned iOS and Android dev) in this order:

  1. Create Your Own Kotlin Playground (and Get a Data Science Head Start) with Jupyter Notebook: Learn about Jupyter Notebook, get it set up on your computer, and get familiar with krangl, the Kotlin library for data wrangling.
  2. Beginning Data Science with Jupyter Notebook and Kotlin: Once you’re familiar with krangl, it’s time to get familiar with data frames and working with datasets. This article will help you get started by exploring real data, crunching it, and even getting some insights from it.