Consumerist Catches Geek Squad Copying Porn and Pics from Their Computer

Geek Squad: Awright, more free porn! (Giggety)

Based on a ten-page (!) confession by a former Geek Squad member in which he wrote that Geek Squad agents scour your computer for those porn and personal pictures and videos and copy them onto their thumb drives, Consumerist set up a string operation in which they rigged a computer to record all user activity and brought it in to a number of Best Buy stores to have Geek Squad install iTunes on it.

They report:

We took it to around a dozen Best Buy Geek Squads and asked them to perform simple tasks, like installing iTunes. Most places were fine, sometimes doing the job right on the counter, sometimes even for free.

Then we caught one well-seasoned Geek Squad Agent copying personal and pornographic images and video from our computer to his company-issued thumb drive.

Click here to see their blog entry and (work-safe) video, and be sure to read these follow-up articles:

There remains one question that I’m sure a lot of guys are asking: Where’d they get that desktop wallpaper image, and could they please share it?

Desktop of the computer used in the Consumerist sting: three women in cowboy hats and skimpy tanktops.