"employment.nil" posterIn case you’re:

  • a programmer who works with the Ruby programming language
  • looking for work
  • available to get down to Toronto’s “West Queen West” neighbourhood soon

you might want to do what I’m doing in a couple of minutes (as of this writing): heading down to the Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen Street West, at Dufferin) to get a look at employment.nil, which bills itself as “the first Toronto Ruby job fair”.

Organized by the fine folks at Unspace, who are also organizing the upcoming FutureRuby conference and FailCamp (where I’ll be the MC), employment.nil isn’t your typical computer programmer job fair. No computers are allowed! They’re going to be strict about it – even the use of iPhone applications is verboten. Bring printouts of your resume and some scratch paper to do “live coding”. I’m going to bring my mini-whiteboard and dry-erase markers.

See you there!


The “Paris Hilton vs. Paris, France” Search Results Meter


I have a soft spot for tech-meets-art projects, like this one by Tim Schwartz, titled Paris – Physical. The meter is driven by search results for the phrases “Paris Hilton” and “Paris France” and displays an “average result” (their words, not mine) by using an electrical gauge.

Here’s a look at the innards of the project:

Interior of the "Paris-Physical" project