Brokeback Batman

Via the LiveJournal “scans_daily” community, here’s the “slashiest page ever to appear in a children’s storybook that does not star Bert and Ernie”:

Page from a Superman/Batman children’s book

Here’s the text:

Without Superman realizing it, Batman stuck a small Bat-transmitter on Superman’s cape. The device sent out a signal, and the Caped Crusader followed it to Clark Kent’s apartment. Superman was just getting ready for bed when he looked out the window and saw that Batman had sicovered his secret. Now the two of them had to trust each other.

Robin’s not going to like this.

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What do you mean, *Robin*’s not going to like this? What about poor Lois!

Let’s hope, for Batman’s sake, that he is top. Were he to play bottom, he would find himself in a world of trouble, as imagined by Larry Niven in Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex: “A mating between Superman and Lois Lane would feel like sodomy-and would be, of course, by church and common law”.

Maybe Lois will understand, after all. And maybe she suspected it all along. Many of us did, and so did Warren Ellis:

In The Authority, a series of comics written by Ellis and loosely modeled after the Justice League, Apollo (their Superman-analogue) and Midnighter (their Batman clone) are lovers.

For what it’s worth, The Authority is one of my favourite superhero comics (I would say one of the few I still find worth reading): the characters are enduring, the evolution of Jenny Sparks is a pleasure to follow (she is the Spirit of the XXth Century!), and Midnighter himself is a scream with his “I have played this fight in my head ten thousand times, and I already know how it ends” self-unconscious parody of the darkest version of Miller’s brooding Dark Night.

That just doesn’t look right. Its like Super Man Signaling Batman no one is watching and he is ready to insert his kryptonite into dat ass. (didn’t make sense i know, I had to go and can’t think of something)

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