The “Mythbusters” Poster

I love this “Drew”-style poster featuring the cast of Mythbusters:

mythbusters poster

If you’ve been to the movies sometime within the past 30 years, you’ve probably seen a poster by Drew. You can see a catalogue of his posters that were released here; there’s also a page of his “posters that never were”.

This article also appears in The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century.

3 replies on “The “Mythbusters” Poster”

As if I needed another reason to love Kari Byron.

Sidenote to Adam: Holding a Walther PPK like that is a sure way to slice your “thumb web” open as soon as you fire. Those things are notorious for their wicked slide bite.

@Mark Jaquith

Yup to Kari !!

And haha to Adam. Those PPK’s have an unforgiving slide action. You need some small hands or a good knowledge of how to hold that puppy or your getting bitten. lol

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