My Favourite Xcode Improvement

Xcode 4.6 was released on January 28th, the same day that iOS 6.1 was released. It adds support for iOS 6.1 and Mac OS X 10.8, and two new devices, the iPad mini and the 4th-gen iPad with Retina display. There are also a number of improvements to the LLVM compiler and Objective-C language, including some new warnings to help find subtle bugs when using ARC and weak references.

The improvement that jumped out at me is a simple one, but one that is already saving me a lot of frustration. It used to happen when typing in the class name NSString. This problem is best explained by this classic pic from the Tumblr called Texts from Xcode:

text from xcode 1

I don’t know about you, but I use NSString waaaay more than NSStream.

With Xcode 4.6, as I started typing in NSString, here’s what happened:


Autocomplete, mirabile dictu, jumped straight for NSString!

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the experience.

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I found it from CodeProject too!
What makes me really cross about Xcode is that *so many* names start with NS….. it’s pretty meningless, why don’t they alias the names and give us all simpler typing and easier intellisense?

@chris f: it’s from Steve Jobs’ NextStep. And because it’s from Apple. You must live with it. No complaint works. I found it’s really annoying when you must start *almost* everything with NS: String, Int, Bool…

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