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You have hours to sign up for a chance at a free scholarship to The Undercroft’s “Baseline” cybersecurity program!

Photo: The Undercroft sign, featuring the Undercroft’s “mascot” — a stag standing upright in a suit, leaning jauntily against an umbrella, walking stick-style.

The Undercroft, Tampa Bay’s cybersecurity guild/collaboration space, is offering scholarships to members and non-members for the July 20th cohort of their UC Baseline cybersecurity skills program. Simply put, it’s a chance to learn essential cybersecurity skills from the area’s experts for free!

Logo: UC Baseline

The UC Baseline program comprises the following courses:

  • Hardware 101: Gain a thorough understanding about the devices on which all our software runs and through which all our information flows.
  • Networking 101: Learn how our systems are connected and the ways in which they communicate through these connections.
  • Linux 101: Covers the foundations of security in Linux environments, the OS on which the internet runs.
  • Windows 101: Here’s a big challenge — learn the foundations of security for Windows environments.
  • Information Security 101: Covers everything from core IT concepts, to cybersecurity principles, methods, and practices.
  • Python 101: If you’re doing security, you should have some coding skills to automate your work and build tooling, and Python’s an excellent language for that task.

Here’s The Undercroft’s offer:

Are you looking to take control of your personal privacy and security? Are you frustrated by disappearing jobs and want to make an impact in the cybersecurity industry? Do you have what it takes to ensure your economic future and that of others?


The Undercroft’s Baseline program was built for those with the fortitude to fight against daily attacks that threaten our way of life.


In response to the global pandemic and increasing uncertainty in our economy, we are offering a select number of scholarships to guild and non-guild members for our July 20th, 2020 cohort.

Interested? Sign up on their scholarship page. You’ve got only until sometime on Friday, July 17th to apply!

(I’ll admit it: Although I’m not likely to qualify, I applied.)

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