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What’s new in Tampa Bay’s sci/tech podcasts (June 2022 edition)

Once again, it’s time to list Tampa Bay podcasts that you, the Global Nerdy reader, might find informative, interesting, and illuminating!

Here they are, listed in order from newest to oldest podcasts, starting with a brand new addition to this list:

  1. Arguing Agile
  2. Space and Things
  3. The 6 Figure Developer
  4. Thunder Nerds

Arguing Agile

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Arguing Agile is new addition to this list, and it’s also the newest podcast on this list. Hosted by Brian Orlando and Om Patel, two mainstays of the Tampa Bay agile community and familiar faces at local agile events, this podcast features discussions — sometimes just between the hosts, sometimes with a local guest — and they cover all sorts of subjects, all centered around the process of making software in a timely fashion.

Their podcast has been around only a year, but Brian and Om have been absolute podcasting powerhouses, cranking out nearly 70 full episodes in that time, covering such topics as:

If you’re on a software team and you’re looking for ways to improve the way you and your team get things done, you’ll want to check out Arguing Agile.

Here are their 5 most recent episodes:

  • Episode 67: Team Topologies: Organizing Business and Technology Teams for Fast Flow — On this episode, Product Manager Brian Orlando pitches Enterprise Agile Coach Om Patel on the team optimization suggestions from the book, Team Topologies: Organizing Business and Technology Teams for Fast Flow (2019), by Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais.
  • Episode 66: Personal Agility & the Great Resignation, with Joey deVilla — When we think about unmitigated optimism and unwavering positivity, we think of none other than the unflappable – Joey deVilla! On this episode, we talk about how the great resignation has affected us and how a commitment to personal agility helps people and companies through tough times.
  • Episode 65: A Better Sprint Review Agenda — Does a perfect Sprint Review agenda exist? On this episode, Brian Orlando and Om Patel ask this very question and try to figure it out! Using some original content from one of our favorite Agile Coaches out there, Vibhor Chandel, we review, discuss, and revise our way toward a Sprint Review agenda that we are excited to try with our teams, and that we hope you’ll try with yours.
  • Episode 64: Bad Agile Experiences, with Curtis Lembke — What creates bad experiences with agile; what do they look like, and how to we deal with them? On this episode of Arguing Agile, Curtis Lembke is back, joining Brian Orlando and Om Patel to talk through Bad Agile Experiences and why some people just totally against agile.
  • Episode 63: Get More Value from Your Scrum — Do you feel Scrum is not helping you to more effectively create software or solve problems? Do you feel Scrum is just another form of managerial control? Do you feel Scrum is not helping your organization be or remain agile? On this episode, Brian Orlando and Om Patel discuss experiences and share tips to make scrum more effective – thereby producing more value.

Space and Things

Space and Things is the newest podcast on this list, and it’s probably the most comprehensive podcast about space science, research, and exploration. It’s hosted by Emily Carney of Space Hipsters fame, and singer/songwriter/space fan Dave Giles.

Here are their 5 most recent episodes:

The 6 Figure Developer

At the time I’m writing this, The 6 Figure Developer — hosted by John CallawayClayton Hunt, and Jon Ash — has posted 245 episodes. It’s…

…a show dedicated to helping developers to grow their career. Topics include Test Driven Development, Clean Code, Professionalism, Entrepreneurship, as well as the latest and greatest programming languages and concepts.

Here are their 5 most recent episodes:

  • Episode 245: Releasing Software with Tommy McClung — A software engineer by trade and multiple time entrepreneur, Tommy was the CTO at TrueCar for a number of years and is Co-founder and CEO of Release.
  • Episode 244: Eric Potter on F# and .NET Interactive Notebooks — Eric helps companies succeed by finding the right custom software solutions to their business problems. He has been a Microsoft MVP since 2015, and is currently Director of Technical Education at Sweetwater.
  • Azure Cosmos DB Repository .NET SDK with Billy Mumby — Billy is a Senior Developer working @ Next PLC in the Warehouse & Distribution Systems Team.
  • Episode 242: Temporal with Maxim Fateev & Dominik Tornow — Maxim has worked at companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, and is currently CEO and cofounder of Temporal. Dominik is a Principal Engineer at Temporal. He focuses on systems modeling, specifically conceptual and formal modeling, to support the design and documentation of complex software systems.
  • Episode 241: gRPC in .NET 6 with Anthony Giretti — Anthony is a passionated developer, Microsoft MVP, and MCSD. He is currently senior developer @ Sigma-HR, specializing in Web technologies. We’re giving away several copies of Anthony’s new book, “Beginning gRPC with ASP.NET Core 6”. Leave a comment below for your chance to win!

Thunder Nerds

Of the podcasts in this roundup, Thunder Nerds — “A conversation with the people behind the technology, that love what they do… and do tech good” — has been around the longest, with nearly 300 episodes to date. You’ve probably seen the hosts at local meetups and conferences; they’re Frederick Philip Von WeissBrian Hinton, and Vincent Tang.

Auth0 logo

Thunder Nerds is sponsored by a company that’s near and dear to me, Auth0! That’s partly because they have a great authentication, authorization, and identity service, and partly because I work there in my role as a Senior Developer Advocate!

  • 293 – 💻 Remote Work & Top Talent With Zack Gottlieb — We talk with Zack Gottlieb, VP Head of Design platform at Atlassian. We discuss Zack’s career journey and what it takes to make it to Atlassian. Our main topic of discussion is the Great Resignation in the tech industry. We start the conversation by asking why so many people are leaving in the first place. Then we explore why companies want their employees back in the office. Additionally, we examine what companies are doing to retain their top talent.
  • 292 – 🎯 Paid Media Strategies with Michelle Morgan — In this episode, we talk with Michelle Morgan: International Paid Media Consultant, Writer, and Speaker. We explore the realm of advertising on the most popular social platforms and investigate the unforeseen opportunities in others. Additionally, we discuss Michelle’s organization, Paid Media Pros, which provides PPC videos for advertisers with any level of experience.
  • 291 – 💾 JavaScript, Switching Careers, & ADHD with Chris Ferdinandi — In this episode, we talk with Chris Ferdinandi, Educator, The Vanilla JS Guy. 🍦We discuss how Chris became the “Vanilla #JS Guy” as he shares his thoughts about JavaScript, the modern web, switching careers, #ADHD, and more!
  • 290 – 🎵 Little Music Boxes with Travis Neilson — In this episode, we talk with designer, musician, Travis Neilson. We discuss Travis’s career at YouTube Music. We dive into his day-to-day and what it’s like to work at YouTube. Then we explore Travis’s music, specifically his channel Little Music Boxes.
  • 289 – ⚱️ The Digitization of Deathcare with Faisal Abid — In this episode, we talk with Faisal Abid: Speaker, Entrepreneur, Google Developer Expert, and co-founder of Eirene cremations. Eirene provides high-quality, affordable cremation services. Eirene allows families to plan an affordable cremation entirely online or over the phone. Leveraging technology to help provide a better funeral experience to families. Additionally, Faisal walks us through the unique business and technology challenges he faced at the beginning of Eirene. 

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