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Okay, I’ve got the “vacation” part of my summer vacation down, and now it’s time to get down to work. By that, I mean one of things I’d been planning to do on this sabbatical — aside from flying to Tampa, then Manila, then back to Tampa — was to finally learn iOS programming. It occurred to me that I was long overdue when I got my annual renewal notice for the iOS Developer Program and realized that I hadn’t done a damned thing with it. I’ve now got the time and the motivation, so the journey begins!

I’ve decided to start with the exercises from Wrox’s iPhone and iPad App 24-Hour Hour Trainer because of the way the authors Abhishek Mishra and Gene Backlin structured the book: “Here’s a feature of iOS, here’s how it works, now here’s an app you can build and noodle with to take that feature for a spin”. Each exercise is short enough to be done in an afternoon (and many of the earlier ones are even shorter), so there’s plenty of that quick gratification that one needs when embarking on a new platform.

I’ll post regular entries about my progress and impressions of the book as I work through the exercises here on Global Nerdy. As I’m fond of saying on my blogs, “Watch this space!”

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Turning Up Where Least Expected

by Joey deVilla on June 21, 2010

ip3 forumA conference devoted to devices that run iOS might be the last place you’d think you’d see a Microsoft developer evangelist, but here I am!

I’m at iP3 Forum, “a one-day event that will explore the changing mobile landscape and the business opportunities associated with Apple’s Touch Platform (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch), as business models adapt to a market where people are always connected.” It’s organized by Interactive Ontario, a group whose mandate is to promote the development of interactive media in Ontario.

iP3 Forum has two tracks: business and technical, with some sessions common to both; if you’re curious about its sessions, take a look at the schedule.

So what am I doing here? Learning. There’s a lot to learn from the mobile app cultures of the Esteemed Competition, and I want to take those lessons (I refuse to use the Microsoft term “learnings”) back to Windows Phone developers. At the same time, I’m also reaching out to iPhone developers to convince them to add Windows Phone 7 to their mobile OS roll, and I need to know about their world. I’m even doing a little noodling with iPhone and iPad development in order to learn more. As they say, travel broadens the mind, and that holds true even for “travel” to different operating systems.

My time at iP3 Forum has been peppered with interruptions – it’s the end of Microsoft’s fiscal year, which means meetings, meetings, meetings – but I’m taking notes for those sessions I’m able to catch and I’ll post them soon.

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.