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Laid off in 2024, part 8: Step one — get a box…

Step one: get a box!

There comes a time in a laid-off remote worker’s life when they have to return the (remotely disabled) company laptop and other company-owned accoutrements, and for me, that time was today.

A FedEx padded return box arrived at my front door yesterday, for which I had a rather packed schedule. Today’s a little more mellow, so I didn’t pack the box until just a few minutes before I wrote this at 3:00 p.m..

I removed only enough padding foam so that the laptop, power supply, and my badge could fit:

Goodbye, rarely-used passcard. I’ve only used it three times — for offsite meetings in London and Chicago, and then to unload some goodies from Oktane at the head office.

Wasn’t it a 2022 or 2023 thing for laid-off people to write a “goodbye company and coworkers” post on LinkedIn, complete with a photo of their badge? This photo may be a cliché, but it’s my cliché, damn it:

All right, that’s everything. Time to close up the box and take it to the nearest authorized FedEx pickup point…

…but not before seeing if the foam rectangle I removed makes a decent cubist lei. It does not, but at least it matches my shirt!

So long, company laptop, and thanks for all the cycles!

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